Always with a genre bending assortment of vinyl ready for whatever feels right on the night: Old School Rock n Roll, Exotic Blues & Rhythm, Garage, Psych, Funk, World Music to Electronica grooves, however not forgetting the classics we all know and love. Anything could happen!





Cal Franco is an established DJ and musician who has enjoyed massive success in his home country, Mexico. His surf roots come from playing with Mexico’s most prominent surf rock band, Lost Acapulco, and you can catch him around Melbourne with his local ensemble, Los Tremoleros. Cal has toured the world with his music and currently resides in Melbourne equipped with a wild mix of surf, 60s garage, boogaloo, cumbia, chicha, and classic Mexican rock. His individualised sets are worth checking out at the Cherry Tree.  




Nobody wants steamed veggies. Everybody wants Chips and Salad! Indie miserablism meets party hip hop. Kraut, synth, a shallow knowledge of dub, two Beyonce records, awkward house music and a bunch of alt hits and memories. Like if Jive Bunny did the Stranger Things Soundtrack.






A DJ for all occasions. Playing upbeat music from the 50s to the present, covering genres from funk, soul, rock, pop and everything in between. Using his experience as a DJ on PBS FM, Crispi knows how to play the right music to suit the right mood. Whether it’s background music whilst dinner is served or party music for those with their dance shoes on, DJ Crispi is the perfect choice for a Saturday night at the Cherry Tree.






Doc PopalotaCorn defies both the medical board and musical coherence to piece together melodious monstrosities with his turntables. He synthesizes this shambolic Frankenslop using a bewildering array of incompatible body parts: French pop, African disco, Peruvian surf, Bollywood funk, mambo, garage, post-punk, and rocksteady, and all the other weird bits and pieces lying around. The results are sometimes dazzling, sometimes confounding, usually require further alcohol consumption for full enjoyment. NB: Doc PopalotaCorn is not a registered medical doctor and will not be able to assist in the event of any musically-induced seizures or dancefloor injuries.





Ranging from American roots styles, rockabilly, rock and roll, tex-mex, cajun and zydeco, Hughie’s style offers real rhythm and blues, a hint of soul and a healthy dose of surf, 60’s garage with some groovy trash thrown in just for fun. His sets stem from a love of black American music. That of the late 40’s jump blues and jazz to 70’s soul and funk. Come in and take a walk down memory lane and lose yourself in dance to Hughies memorable sets.





illformation has been delivering the goods since the 90’s. Deep crates, good taste and impeccable timing means parties get rocked, pubs get jammed and floors get filled. Playing everything from ozindie to electro by way of krautrock and dub means moments of joy for discerning punters.





Jesse Fultone is a musician, producer and DJ living in Melbourne inner north. Obsessed with records since age 2, his crate is full of all styles, but it’s gotta be funky. DJing around Melbourne for the last 5+ years, Jesse can be seen at regular spots like Black Cat, Stomping Ground, Trumpy, The Local Taphouse and of course, the Cherry Tree. Bookings –





Richie’s mission is to play great tunes in the background of your evening as you socialise. He likes to make people feel like they’ve just walked into a secret hidden house party, however, when things get raucous it’s more like a rollocking good old-fashioned lock-in. All Cherry Tree sessions are totally vinyl; including a cross between jazz, dub, synth-pop, electro, Northern Soul, Motown, Stax, indie and disco, digging out often-neglected gems or just those classic dope tracks that you love so much, but that you just don’t hear anymore anywhere else (like, ever). Richie plays the right song, at the right time, for the right people. See his website for tunes!




Rourky’s style and set encompasses a mix of 70’s, rock n roll, groove and all round grouse beats. When the soul is in need of good company, good tunes and a trip back into the golden age of Rock n Roll, look no further than the carefully constructed sets of DJ Rourke.

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