Looking for place to hold your next function?

We have a number of spaces for you to chose from depending on the size and style of your gathering.
What’s more, we don’t charge room hire or a minimum spend, we’re just happy to have your company.
Catering is easy too, as we can flexibly feed your party with as much or as little food as you would like.
Or your friends can fend for themselves from our a la carte menu, the choice is yours!

If you are interested in holding a function with us, send us an email or give us a call with your ideas and we’ll chat!
*Please note we do not take 18ths, 21sts, hens or bucks bookings.
(03) 9421 6909




*Want to run a bar tab?
No problem What you want included on the tab is totally up to you.

*Minor decorations are generally ok, just run it by us first. Glitter or sequins?
Hell no! *18th & 21st birthdays, bucks parties, sporting club bonding sessions & mad Mondays are a BIG no-no.

* Gift bottles of booze are fine but must remain sealed. Any open bottles will be consumed by the kitchen. Rest assured our Chefs work hard, are frequently thirsty and will drink anything, even that bottle of cheap savvy b your friend thoughtfully bought from BWS on the way to your party.

* Your children are welcome, but being a pub, mature guidance is essential. Your spawn, your responsibility.

* We are bound by the tenants of responsible service of alcohol and by common sense. So be aware that if people get silly or agro, we’ll wind up the party.


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