Here’s a little FAQ that might help
answer some of those questions you may have.

Are bookings essential?

  Whilst not essential and we can accommodate walk-ins, bookings are highly recommended,
especially over the weekend.  And especially for outdoors if you want that prime real estate to soak up the sun.
Friday and Saturdays, naturally are our busiest day of the week and with lockdown lifted and people now slowly returning to work,
it is highly recommended you book a spot either for lunch or for after work drinks as space for walk in’s cannot be guaranteed.

Call us on on 9421 6909 or email:

Is it compulsory to sign in? 

It sure is.
We have a QR code system to scan in on arrival.
You’ll find it on the back of menu’s, table numbers and easily visible throughout other parts of the pub, so there’s really no excuse.
This allows us to keep track of who’s been in the venue for contacting tracing purposes.
You’ll also be asked to kindly present your double dose vaccine passports upon arrival in accordance with government regulations.


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